Learn about BT E-Invoicing Services

BT E-Invoice Services


BT offers you the following free of charge e-billing services:

        - BT E-Invoice Portal to download your E-Invoice


        - Invoice Push to Mail in pdf format


In addition, BT offers the following chargeable billing services:


        - EDI: All syntaxes available (UBL 2.0, Edifact, Tradacom, etc.)

        - Posted Invoice paper


What are the benefits of BT’s invoicing service?


One single interface

You will receive all your invoices for your different BT services consolidated online once a month. No more different paper formats at different intervals!


Cost effective

Receiving paper invoices costs an organisation between 12 and 35 euro excl. VAT per incoming invoice. Receiving electronic invoices considerably reduces this cost thanks to savings on opening envelopes, stamping, making copies, filing and archiving.


More efficient

You can view, search, download and archive your invoice details online and easily share the invoices within your organisation.


Contribution to the environment

If using E-Invoices only, Europe could each year save more than 1,000,000 trees… As well as 83.000 barrels of oil, 171 millions kilowatts of electricity and 2.000 tons of air pollutants.


Legally compliant

It goes without saying that your invoice will be legally compliant: validated against mandatory data, digitally signed with certificates provided by European qualified certification authority, time-stamped with official atomic timing and legally archived.


Ready for the future

This initiative is only the basis of our offering. Indeed if you want so, BT is able to provide your E-invoices through EDI and ensure you capture the full potential of E-invoicing. If you’re interested in an EDI solution, please contact the BT e-invoicing Team.



You are invited to register for your online invoicing at http://e-invoice.globalservices.bt.com/



For additional information please contact BT E-Invoicing team at greenbill@bt.com